Hexagram 37 Family matters

I Ching. Hexagram 37 is named 家人 (jiā rén), “Dwelling People”.
Other variations include “The family (the clan)”, “Extended family”, “Family members”. 

Hexagram 37 Family matters

Hexagram 37 Relationship extenal trigrams

A powerful forest swayed in the wind. The roots of the trees penetrate deeply into the soil. Thin branches of trees rush up to the blue sky. It is a well-organized life with a lot of different events. Strong material position and high intellectual level are reached here and now.
The peat flames under the ground. The fire lights up right under the forest. On the inner plane, passions and great emotions flare up.
The underground fire will dry the forest. The internal passions take away all energy. Quarrels arise for minor reasons.
Where the mighty forest has recently grown, after a while the powerful flame will blaze, lighting everything around. The passions and emotions will destroy the development of life. Everything will become very clear.

Hexagram 37 Relationship internal trigrams

There is a fire in the forest. The passions and emotions are raging here and now.
The flame lights everything around. Everything becomes extremely clear: what is what and who is who!
Right under the burning forest, a huge underground sea is locked in the bowels of the earth. The fire will wake the dangerous sea. The passions and emotions will awaken something huge and very dangerous, hidden in the depths of the subconscious.
The stormy streams of water will escape from the underground captivity, extinguishing the flames. Where the forest was burned, the dangerous sea waves will rage in a while. The feeling of great danger, coming from the depths of the subconscious, will destroy the passions and emotions. Clarity of mutual understanding will be completely lost on the inner plane.


IN THE MANIFESTED REALITY.  The underground fire will dry the forest. A deep internal disagreement with the events taking place sucks life energy. All, that has accumulated over many years, comes out. Wind strengthens the flame of the passions. In a raging fire of emotions, the connection between the people becomes very strong. Full clarity comes in the relationship with loved ones. How so is it possible to act? Are you indeed my most native and the closest people?! FAMILY MATTERS.
ON SUBCONSCIOUS PLANE now raging passions, but soon emotions will abate. A premonition of great danger will fill the plan of the subconscious. FAMILY MATTERS.

The fire of the passions and emotions will first ignite on the inner plane and then spread into the world of events. The conflicts and passions will go out, the dangerous tension will remain on the inner subconscious plane. Our development in life occurs mainly through a strong emotional interaction with the closest people. The passions will settle down, but their cause cannot be destroyed. Our family will always be with us, as the greatest danger, as a very difficult trial and as the most precious thing that we have.

The worst thing that can be done in terms of this hexagram is to think about your family problems all the time. This intensifies the impending danger on the subconscious and will greatly increase the likelihood of the realization of destructive events.
It is favorable to switch your attention to other issues. It is favorable to focus on your personal hidden desires, not related to your loved ones. So you will de-energize the subconscious danger and the fire of emotions in the world of events.


Multidimensionality (opposite vibration)


Hexagram 37 opposite vibration FAMILY HAPPINESS

It is family life fulled of harmony, love and happiness. It is the dream of the vast majority of people. FAMILY HAPPINESS often comes on short time. There is paradise, happiness in our life. But our life, like a chessboard, consists of black and white cells. No one can pass only through white cells! FAMILY HAPPINESS will certainly be replaced by FAMILY MATTERS. Then FAMILY MATTERS will settle down. And FAMILY HAPPINESS will blossom again.


Hexagram 37

Family matters

Clarity and mutual acceptance will be swept down by the flow of conflicts.

The fire must be extremely powerful to survive in the vortex of mutual accusations.


Positions to consider:

  1. Family matters are caused by interactions of intricately interconnected egos of family members. There are hardly any families without troubles and issues, which is a result of humans being spiritually imperfect. Family matters are a painful, yet inescapable experience.
  2. Family matters contain a great potential for a deep destiny change, they help clean up karma with little harm to health and possessions. It’s a gift from the Supreme Forces! Normally, intense transformations are brought about either by focused effort from within or by avalanching life events that shake the very foundations of one’s life. Only a few people can undertake self-transformation. The majority needs some powerful influence from the outer world. Well-being, success and other values can hardly make the soul change significantly, eradicate karmic problems. The way to purification and spiritual growth lies through tragic events and catastrophes. Compared to this, family matters are bliss! They reach the deepest levels of our soul, providing a maximum amplitude of emotions. At the same time, nobody has died, we are not injured and our possessions are intact. We are safe and sound but have experienced an outburst of emotions strong enough to alter us, whether we want it or not.
  3. The peaks of happiness and the worst tragedies happen with our nearest and dearest. The more we want them to be happy, the more they will disappoint us in return. That is the greatest beauty of life and the biggest lesson of unconditional love! Family matters are the essence of our being human.
  4. Family matters are our reflection. Purify yourself, and there will be no more serious trouble with your family.
  5. Having much energy and much love directed only toward your family, you are bound to have severe family troubles. Paradoxically, you are the one who causes them. In fact, all your family members share the same energy field. In terms of energy, your family feeds on your love. You rob them of the need to connect to the Supreme Love, this huge disharmony usually manifested as complete ingratitude, grave family issues. Nothing can be more destructive to a family than one’s obsessive love to their family members.
  6. Worse than a relative is only a close relative!
  7. The family is my hope and my support, my everything! These are my relatives who will help me, save me, give a helping hand in case of troubles and share my happiness.
  8. There is no one as dear and sacred, as Mom.
  9. The vast majority of people is very far from spiritual perfection, from Unconditional Love. That is why they hurt each other easily now and then. The closer the person, the more painful it is to interact. Being the closest person ever, the mother is bound to cause the worst sufferings. Mom is the biggest challenge in my life!
  10. My Mom is the greatest happiness and the biggest challenge at the same time.
  11. “By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher,” Socrates.
  12. “In governing, don’t try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely present,” Lao Tzu.
  13. “We deem those happy who from the experience of life have learned to bear its ills without being overcome by them,” Carl Jung.
  14. “Love is a better teacher than duty,” Albert Einstein.
  15. Mother gives birth, but she also tries to destroy her child’s life. Mother gives rise to the worst troubles and severest challenges in the game of life. My Mom is the greatest happiness and the biggest challenge simultaneously!
  16. At the threshold of liberation, you will experience the worst challenges, usually in the form of severe family problems. There might be the only way to solve them, and that is to address all the events with Unconditional Love. Then, it does not matter how you treat your relatives: whether you hug them, ignore them, imprison them or send to an asylum, protect them, drub them or give them a present. What matters is the inner feeling of Supreme Love, not your manifested actions! A drubbing is sometimes done with much more Unconditional Love, than offering candy!
  17. The more people are concentrated on their family members, the more detached they are from the rest of the world. Such a family turns into a closed system following the laws of the universe. The checkered game board demonstrates the equilibrium between black and white, good and evil, happiness and sadness, etc. This is the main law of the Creator. The loving member of the family absorbs all the power and happiness, leaving misery and diseases to other family members. It’s an endless karmic circle of suffering. The only way out is to direct your Love outwards. Let every child be as dear to your heart as your own son, for the sake of saving your baby from your Love. Love is God, so give it to God, in other words, to the whole world around you.
  18. “Family is 100 percent my top priority,” Isla Fisher.
  19. “You can be infinitely right, but what’s the point if your woman cries?” George Bernard Shaw.
  20. “Family isn’t a word it’s a sentence,” The Royal Tenenbaums.
  21. “If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance,”
     George Bernard Shaw, ‘Immaturity’.
  22. “That is the injustice of a woman’s lot. A woman has to bring up her children; and that means to restrain them, to deny them things they want, to set them tasks, to punish them when they do wrong, to do all the unpleasant things. And then the father, who has nothing to do but pet them and spoil them, comes in when all her work is done and steals their affection from her,” George Bernard Shaw.
  23. “You become adults not when you stop listening to your mother, but when you began to understand that your mother is right,” the author is unknown.
  24. “There is no absolute reality in marital conflict, only two subjective ones,” John Gottman.
  25. “The greatest obstacle to love is the feeling of one’s own greatness, which causes people to stop marital relations because they “deserve” an ideal partner,” John Gottman.
  26. “Do you have a lot of people in your life who would talk to you about you?” Haruki Murakami.
  27. “If you want to change the world go home and love your family” Mother Teresa.
  28. “The secret of a good relationship is the correct dosage of your presence in everyone’s personal space,” the author is unknown.
  29. “If the size of a person’s soul suits you, then all the other sizes will fit,” the author is unknown.
  30. “The origin of suffering is attachment,” Buddha.
  31. “There is no relationship without quarrels and resentments. Strong people quarrel, take offense but stay together. The weak are looking for a replacement,” A.P. Chekhov.
  32. “A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers,” Ruth Bell Graham.
  33. “You can be infinitely right, but what’s the point if your woman cries?”
    George Bernard Shaw.
  34. “You can be infinitely right, but what’s the point if your woman cries?”
    George Bernard Shaw.
  35. “Distance doesn’t ruin anything. Age difference doesn’t spoil anything. The opinion of parents does not spoil anything. People ruin everything. Themselves.”
    George Bernard Shaw.
  36. “The more you give freedom to a person, the more he is drawn to you. Give him freedom and he will not go anywhere, ” author is unknown.


 Numerology hexagram 37

Hexagram 37 corresponds to the Vishuddha chakra

Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).

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