Hexagram 56 Integrity

I Ching. Hexagram 56 is named 旅 (lǚ), “Sojourning”.
Other variations include “the wanderer” and “traveling”.Hexagram 56 Integrity

Hexagram 56 Relationship external trigrams

Bright flames lick the blue sky. Emotional fire becomes stronger.
The forest is burning on the mountain. The grip of the current situation becomes stronger (clinging property of fire).
The raging flames will light all around. It will be very hot. The reasons for what is happening become very clear. This will cause very big emotions.
The forest will burn, the fire will go out. The unshakable beautiful mountain covered with a layer of ash will remain. Fire passions and emotions will go out. The problem will exhaust itself, increasing the unshakable, calm, firm of the current life foundations.

Hexagram 56 Relationship internal trigrams

Blue heaven is reflected in the beautiful lake. The spiritual world is already harmonious and reflects the higher realms.
The gold ingots shimmer in the sunlight from the bottom of the lake. A valuable treasure of love and unity with the Supreme is now manifested in the soul.
Right under the lake, tree seeds sprouted in the ground. Due to this, in the depths of the subconscious, seeds have sprouted that will bring radical changes.
The trees, feeding on water from the lake, rushed to the light, to the sky. A new awareness of reality is growing, drawing strength from already existing achievements.
The tree roots have penetrated deep into the ground. The thin branches reached the surface of the lake. Deep internal changes are beginning to manifest themselves in the outside world.
The young forest drinks all the water from the blue lake and hides the gold ingots in its mighty roots. The growth of a new understanding of reality pushes all previous achievements to the background.
Where gold ingots from the bottom of the blue lake sparkled in the sun earlier, tomorrow a wind will shake the green crowns of mighty trees. Former reference points and values will be crowded out by emotions and bustle caused by a new awareness of reality.


IN THE MANIFESTED REALITY.  The flame of passion is raging. Emotions are caused by concrete facts. The flame of emotion will go out, increasing confidence in stability and security. So, in the fire of vital passions and emotions, INTEGRITY appears as something big, inner, unshakable. INTEGRITY manifests itself as an unshakable inner base.

ON A SUBCONSCIOUS PLAN, existing achievements will lose their significance due to refinement and penetration into new layers of reality. What you have always been proud of will become completely unimportant. So the most brilliant victories fade when INTEGRITY manifests itself as unity with all things, including with enemies. All the excellence achieved turns out to be an illusion when INTEGRITY comes, as a union with all that exists.

Who has received this hexagram will be able to resolve his problems by enhancing the vibration of INTEGRITY in himself. This will open up a wonderful opportunity to transform the subconscious to become more holistic. Do not miss the unique chance!


Multidimensionality (opposite vibration)



DUALITY is the division of the surrounding reality into antagonistic, opposite parts: white and black, good and evil, soul and body, and so on. The dual nature of the world is something that immediately catches the eye. Therefore, DUALITY is the natural state of the inexperienced soul. After a deep awareness of reality, INTEGRITY (as spiritual maturity) comes in the stead of DUALITY.


Hexagram 56Integrity

Without deep awareness
of your inner self
you cannot move forward,
only backward!

Positions to consider:

  1. Integrity is oneness with the Universe.
  2. Our world is a fusion of polarities, the good and the bad, the male and the female, the white and the black. The opposition of the polarities generates the power of life. Integrity is an artificial idea that bears no connection with reality. Integrity, as an equilibrium of all the potentials, is undoubtedly death or a death-like state.
  3. Integrity means harmony between all your inner planes, integration of your mind and the wisdom of your body.
  4. Integrity goes against nature. Not only separate organs of the body, but even all the cells have their own consciousness. In such a complex system, only accord can be achieved, not integrity.
  5. Integrity is an idea, fully and totally untrue to life, as it suggests complete acceptance of the evil, if not unification with it. We could be speculating for long on how blessed this attitude is, but it will vanish the very moment one faces cruelty and violence of reasonless evil. Only he, who is not concerned personally, can stand it without judgments!
  6. “Love Your Enemies” and you will gain integrity. No more losing energy in judgments, fights, and conflicts. Power is where love is, God is where love is!
  7. “Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people,” Carl Jung.
  8. “All religions, arts, and sciences are branches of the same tree,” Albert Einstein.
  9. “I am a deeply religious nonbeliever – this is a somewhat new kind of religion,” Albert Einstein.
  10. “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now,” Martin Luther King, Jr.
  11. “A holistic being knows – without studying, sees – without looking, and reaches – without doing,” Lao Tzu.
  12. “There is enough light for those who only desire to see, and enough obscurity for those who have a contrary disposition,” Blaise Pascal.
  13. “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it,” Martin Luther King, Jr.
  14. “The most important thing is to restore order in the soul. We observe three “no” ones: we don’t complain, we don’t blame, we don’t make excuses,” George Bernard Shaw.
  15. “Duality and wholeness exist in the same space and time. But a person himself splits himself into pieces when he divides and resists this, ” Olga Blagodarova.




Numerology hexagram 56

Hexagram 56 corresponds to the Sahasrara chakra

Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).

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