I Ching. Hexagram 58 is named 兌 (duì), “Joy”.
Other variations include “the joyous lake”, “open”,  “usurpation“. Hexagram 58 REACHING THE GOAL

Hexagram 58 Relationship external trigrams

Gold ingots sparkle in the sun from the bottom of a clear lake. A treasure of gold, mined earlier by joyful accomplishment, is already revealed.
A diver happily collecting gold bars is surprised to find that the ingots never run out.   Even if the diver today collects all the ingots, then tomorrow he will certainly find new ones. How can this be? Good luck does not end there! Luck begets luck, joy begets new joy. This is a strip of lucks, a continuous succession of lucks, bringing a great joy.
The reason for this is powerful underground springs at the bottom of the lake, bringing out new valuable gold ingots from the bowels of the earth. Such continuous luck and succession of joyful accomplishments are due to a powerful source hidden on the inner plane.

Hexagram 58 Relationship internal trigrams

The wind stirs the crown of a mighty green forest. It is a life filled with rich inner content, emotions, and bustle.
Tree roots penetrated deep into the earth, and thin tree branches rushed straight into the blue sky. In this life, along with the desire for the Supreme, there is also deep penetration into the essence of all that is happening.
The peat fired up directly in the ground under the roots of the trees. This will wake the fire in the depths of the subconscious.
The underground fire will dry the trees. The forest will burn with a bright flame. A new understanding of what is happening will devalue all previous life achievements and bring great passions.
The flames of a forest fire will soar to the skies, illuminating everything around. The flame of the new awareness will make clear the events previously perceived as contradictory and paradoxical. Everything that happens will be reconsidered and rethought. Revaluation of values will cause very big emotions.


In the manifested world will be the realization of your plans and dreams. On a subconscious, there is the deep penetration both in the spiritual realm and in the essence of the events. Good lucks does not end due to the hidden source. This allows you to open all new facets of successful accomplishments. Happy achievements do not end! The new awareness changes the life benchmarks, devaluing most of the previous achievements, and bringing tremendous joy from current accomplishments. REACHING THE GOAL will allow you to take a completely new look at the world. Many hidden patterns will become clear. REACHING THE GOAL, accompanied by a reassessment of basic values in life and an increase in awareness, is called REALIZATION.

An oracle predicts luck to everyone who received this hexagram. Prediction happens when the questioner has no high expectations of a happy outcome. If this state of the questioner continues even after receiving 58 hexagram, then the happy outcome is realized. If a great expectation is formed after the prediction of luck, then the probability of a happy realization may become insignificant. Read more: an example of multi-dimensional work with a positive event. Destroy your expectation of a happy realization by recalling the reverse vibration of hexagram 58 “LIFE IMPASSE” and then luck will definitely be with you!

Multidimensionality (opposite vibration)

LIFE impasse
LIFE impasseLIFE IMPASSE – black stripe, a continuous series of failures, circles of karma. It seems that no action can correct or alleviate the situation. Things are getting only worse. “Trouble has come – open the gate!” You can get stuck in the LIFE IMPASSE forever and can forget about your REALIZATION. In order to get out of the LIFE IMPASSE, it is necessary to initiate change by reassessing your basic life values. You need a positive outlook on the events that have already occurred, no matter how terrible they may seem before. This will open the way for your REALIZATION.

Hexagram 58


It is completed!

The joyful accomplishment
will bring much happiness!


Positions to consider:

  1. The goal is reached. Self-confidence is growing. We are absolutely happy! We have achieved what we wanted to! We are more aware of who we really are and what we are capable of.
  2. We live in an artificial world called Maya. By reaching illusory goals, we get the illusory joy that inevitably vanishes.
  3. We can achieve everything we want to.
  4. We can only achieve what is predestined.
  5. Only the major turning points of life are predestined, the rest of events depend on our choice and free will.
  6. Predestination is not a rigid fatal construction, but rather a certain cosmic energy filter that allows for numerous ways of realization. Reaching the goal is a wonderful victory in the game of life.
  7. “You cannot underestimate the value of luck in success in life. And I’ve really learned to appreciate that,” Azim Premji.
  8. “The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way,” Robert Kiyosaki.
  9. “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning,” Albert Einstein.
  10. “I never think of the future – it comes soon enough,” Albert Einstein.
  11. Only at the very beginning: a person defines his goal. Further, the goal completely defines the person.
  12. “We should not live in the expectation that happiness will come when we achieve a goal or acquire some thing. Happiness should be with us all the time,” Nick Vujicic.


Numerology hexagram 58

Hexagram 58 corresponds to the Samadhi chakra

Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).

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