Hexagram 59 Transformation of mind

I Ching. Hexagram 59 is named 渙 (huàn), “Dispersing”.
Other variations include “dispersion (dissolution)” and “dispersal”. Hexagram 59 Transformation of mind

Hexagram 59 Relationship external trigrams

The mighty tree rustles with foliage in the wind. There is an earth life full of a wide variety of events.
The tree is deeply rooted in the earth. Thin tree branches, it seems, reached out to the very blue sky. Along with subtle spiritual aspirations in this life, there will be deep penetration into the essence of what is happening.
The tree roots woke the underground sea, locked in the bowels of the earth. These search will reveal a powerful and dangerous source of power hidden on the inner plane.
The tumultuous water stream rushed to the surface, sweeping away all obstacles. An open internal source begins to strongly influence external events.
The whole tree will plunge into a dangerous abyss. All attention is captured by the open new and dangerous facet of reality manifested from the inner plane.
Where yesterday the mighty tree rustled its leaves in the wind, tomorrow dangerous sea waves will walk. Where before there was earthly life filled with diverse bustle, tomorrow everything will plunge into a new, dangerous reality.

Hexagram 59 Relationship internal trigrams

A seed of tree has sprouted in the very heart of the mountain. The seed of new awareness of what is happening has germinated.
The tree grows by feeding on the mountain. But the unshakable mountain blocks the way to the light, to the sky. Changes in consciousness are strengthened, based on real facts. The unshakable bulk of generally accepted, well-established attitudes suppresses the growth of a new awareness of reality.
The tree quickly, like thunder, grows through the obstacle to the surface. Changes in consciousness very sharply overcome the existing matrix of stereotypes and begin to manifest themselves in the world of events.
And soon, we no longer can distinguish the mountain under the powerful crown of the tree. The old generally accepted views will be fundamentally rethought so that it will be difficult to even recognize them.


On the subtle plane, the usual well-established picture of the world cracks with thunder under the onslaught of awareness of new facts. Development occurs through the overcoming of established stereotypes and dogmas. Such sharp explosive changes in the subconscious are called TRANSFORMATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Changes in the subconscious cause powerful changes in the manifested reality. A new, dangerous and immense facet of reality will be revealed through gentleness enduring penetration (the wood properties). This facet of reality will gradually push everything else out of a person’s life. Habitual life values and goals will disappear or be overvalued. The reality is simultaneously the same, and completely different, renewed.

TRANSFORMATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS makes accessible, opens the inner boundless world. The outer world is dependent on this inner part of reality. This hidden part of reality, like a magnet, will attract all attention and push all external events into the background. What is the danger of the transformation of consciousness?

  1. Natural concentration on one’s inner world can lead to a loss of connections with the world of events.
  2. The inept use of the opened internal power can cause the most diverse, often very undesirable, events.
  3. Changes in the basic established views, as a rule, cause great fear and internal panic. Fears at this level materialize easily.

It is unfavorable to go completely into the subtle world, ignoring the outside world. You can drown in the dangerous ocean of the subconscious. It is favorable to harmoniously combine two worlds: the external manifested and the internal subconscious, and watch every second how they interact with each other.

The one who received this hexagram will resolve his situation through unusual actions. Looking from the outside, looking from a broader perspective is the best way to resolve a specific situation in the plane of hexagram 59.


Multidimensionality (opposite vibration)




ADHERING TO STEREOTYPES – recognition of generally accepted, established views as the only possible and absolutely true. ADHERING TO STEREOTYPES is an obstacle to changes of consciousness. Change – the main property of life. Under the pressure of new facts that do not fit into the old stereotypical matrix of consciousness, there will always be a TRANSFORMATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. ­­­­­­­______________________________________________________________

Гексаграмма 59 "Подсознание"

 Transformation of mind

Sinking into the ocean abyss of subconsciousness,

always remember the world that remains on the surface.

Positions to consider:

  1. “All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If the mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?” Buddha.
  2. “It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways,” Buddha.
  3. “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves,” Buddha.
  4. “The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness,” Lao Tzu.
  5. When children, we used to love fairy tales. Even now we choose to believe them. Mind and transformation of mind are just made-up stories.
  6. “Mind” is a concept made up by psychotherapists to cash upon non-existent things. They wave their hands, frown and pretend to have transformed the mind.
  7. “I do not concern myself with gods and spirits either good or evil nor do I serve any,” Lao Tzu.
  8. “When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate,” Carl Jung.
  9. “It is a fact that cannot be denied: the wickedness of others becomes our own wickedness because it kindles something evil in our own hearts,” Carl Jung.
  10. “Our heart glows, and secret unrest gnaws at the root of our being. Dealing with the unconscious has become a question of life for us,” Carl Jung.
  11. “My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind,” Albert Einstein.
  12. Mind transformation is at the full drive on the Earth at the moment, from individual to universal. Having entered a room, we immediately feel the vibes of the audience. We can perceive somebody else’s pain or happiness, sometimes even thousands of kilometers apart.
  13. “Independence? That’s middle class blasphemy. We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth,” George Bernard Shaw.
  14. “We are all one. Only egos, beliefs, and fears separate us,” Nikola Tesla.
  15. “If you want, you will find the time, if you do not want, you will find the reason,” – the author is unknown.
  16. “Whoever you think you are will always be dissatisfied. And the one who you are does not need anything,” Gegham.

Numerology hexagram 59

Hexagram 59 corresponds to the Samadhi chakra

Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).

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