Main obstacle

The main obstacle on the path of destiny change is the matrix of stereotypes

A newborn child does not seem to have stereotypes. His thinking does not have a pronounced structure. He quickly learns any skills. He has an extremely branched neural network of the brain. By the age of two years, the number of neural connections (synapses) is decreasing by an order of magnitude. A newborn child has so many connections that, probably, everything is literally connected with everything. In the process of comprehending reality, unused neural connections atrophy and disappear. The neural network is structured in accordance with the process of thinking and consciousness. The concepts of “mother” and “bird” are on different “shelves” of the brain, that is, on different branches of the neural network. The stereotypes allow a child to successfully learn. 

Being at the stage of development an accelerating progress factor, stereotypes become a powerful, often insurmountable obstacle to the whole new, going beyond them.

Stereotypes of our consciousness prevent to change the fate. That’s what narrows our choice up to one single option. Our views do not allow us to change. This leads to the repetition of the same situations (circles of karma) in our life. It is possible to break out of the circles of karma by changing yourself. However, this is hampered by the strength of established beliefs (stereotypes). As a rule, it is absolutely necessary to break out of the matrix of stereotypes in order to resolve the problems that have come to a standstill.

The visual signal, perceived by the eyes, first passes through the brain region with the library of visual images (visual stereotypes). Only after that, the already processed signal (the signal distorted by stereotypes) is recognized. That’s why a dark spot under a tree often seems like a cat, but it can be anything, for example, a rag. Our perception is inherently stereotyped. Culture and science are stereotyped too. Even our language is a powerful stereotype.

In this situation, is it really possible to get out of the matrix of stereotypes? Stereotypes are very different. Some of them are overcome easily, simply through the awareness of new information. Others can only be overcome by geniuses. Great discoveries are exit beyond the framework of existing ideas about the fundamental properties of our reality. The difficulty of overcoming limiting stereotypes is due to the fact that being in the system, it is extremely difficult to get out of the system. It’s like trying to get yourself out of the swamp. We need an external factor that does not belong to the system. We can get out of the swamp, grabbing a branch of a tree that grows on hard soil. Such an external factor for the exit from the matrix of stereotypes can be the establishment of a connection with your subconscious, with your Supreme Self through a conversation with the Book of Changes “I Ching”.

A multidimensional understanding of the hexagrams “I Ching” is a very effective way out of limiting stereotypes.

What do you think,
if you replace all your
established beliefs on the contrary,
will it be good or bad?

What made the greatest thinkers in China six times to throw three coins and draw hexagrams? Maybe they got into childhood? Of course not, these respected sages noticed that the realities of the questioner’s life miraculously correspond to the fallen hexagram. Coins in some inexplicable way fall in such manner as they more aware of the situation than questionnaire himself! How can this be?  K.G. Jung studied the phenomenon of the semantic coincidence of events, which are in no way connected with each other, and called this phenomenon “synchronicity.” Jung coined the word “synchronicity” to describe “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events.” In his book Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle.“Synchronicity” is a very important law, because it is the law of a new causality. We can conclude from it that, in addition to various material reasons, there are also causes due to our consciousness.

Consciousness is a new significant player in the game of life.

This conclusion destroys the stereotyped picture of the world, pointing to consciousness as one of the most important causes of all that is happening. The Book of Changes “I Ching” for many centuries shook the established dogmatic system of views on the world, where everything is due only to material causes.

A multidimensional interpretation of hexagrams makes the matrix of stereotypes more milder, more mobile. Since for each hexagram opposite vibration is considered. In addition, for each hexagram there are several positions for awareness, reflecting different and even opposite points of view. One can argue about which point of awareness is correct, but it is better to pay attention to the fact that taking any position as the only true one, we perceive reality one-sidedly, missing out many its aspects. If a person categorically sure of something, he simply does not notice the facts that contradict his views. Searching for truth in opposite viewpoints allows getting out of the captivity of the prevailing ideas (stereotypes), breaking up karma circles and realize the most favorable scenario of your own life.

Multidimensional interpretation of hexagrams allows to go beyond the established stereotypes, and therefore to resolve many seemingly dead-ends situations.

The multidimensional approach forces you to think, analyze and choose. Such an approach, as a rule, does not cause categorical rejection by anyone, since it includes all viewpoints. At the same time, multidimensional consideration includes the truth, even if the truth contradicts dogmas and stereotypes. A person can realize something new only when he is ready for it. Without this, one can read and repeat a thousand times the true sayings of the greatest thinkers, not allowing them to penetrate into his subconscious. A multidimensional consideration is an active approach of awareness of life situation.

Parable about the exit from stereotypes:

An authoritative teacher lived in one village. He had a spiritual school. He was a very unpredictable and strange person. Judge for yourself! One disciple could not even proceed to the first grade for many years.

He came to the teacher and said:
“Teacher, you are prejudiced against me! For three years, I have carefully fulfilled your every word. And you never even praised me. I hear from you only abuse. My friends, who openly frustrate your assignments, are easily awarded with praise and move on to the next class”.

The teacher replied: “You’re wrong. I’m not being prejudiced against you. But, you are completely unable to comprehend even the basics of my school. You will have to leave. I do not want you to leave with a heavy heart. Therefore, I authorize you to be present at my evening assessment of the students”.

Cave. Candles. Table. The pupils are approaching …
They take turns reporting on their assignments.

The more the dismissed disciple listened to this, the more he became confused.
That disciple, who frankly did not do the job, suddenly was given praise! Another disciple, who has very carefully done everything, was given a bad mark. 

The dismissed disciple looked at the ceiling and saw there were black and white stones. If the pupil stood near the white pebble, then the teacher has praised him. If the pupil stood under the white pebble, then he has been awarded the highest praise. The teacher scolded the pupils if they have stood near the black stone. The work done has no effect on the teacher assessments at all!

The dismissed disciple shared his observation with the teacher.
The teacher said: “I am very glad that you are so observant! But you will have to leave our school because you found out that you should not have known. I teach my pupils to see invisible patterns. I teach my pupils to notice things which contradict their expectations”.

The dismissed disciple left the school. He was so sad about leaving this wonderful school. A few years later, he again came to the teacher and told him about many things which contradict our expectations. After a while, he became the first teacher assistant…

To exit from the matrix of stereotypes, you need help from your Supreme Self. Because no one can get out of the system while he is inside the system.

The most powerful means of destroying destructive stereotypes, known to me today, is the game “Lila Chakra”. This game is designed to communicate with your subconscious, with your Supreme Self. The “Lila Chakra” game is created to overcome destructive dogmas and stereotypes.

Only if you discover the truth yourself, it will become YOUR TRUTH!


Hexagram 19 Breaking stereotypes

Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).

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