Divination Online I Ching

Divination Book of Changes I Ching with a detailed interpretation of the current situation and the future.

Throw six times three coins from a jug.
Two hexagrams will be built. One describes the situation now,
the other shows where the events will develop …

Before every throw of coins, it is recommended
to repeat the question mentally.

If you are distracted when you turn to the Oracle for extraneous thoughts, then you should concentrate and repeat everything again
(press on your keyboard F5).


The most detailed divination I Ching is
the game “Lila Chakra”.

8 Responses to Divination Online I Ching

  1. Наталья says:

    Good afternoon 🙂 Thank you very much for your site and predictions! All are very deeply and filled with a sacred meaning 🙂
    It came in very timely in my destiny !!! Thank you !!!
    And I would also like to know the author of the musical composition that is playing here🙂 This music is beautiful 🙂

  2. Наталья says:

    Can I believe online fortune-telling? What do you think about this?
    What predictions are most true?

    • evk200@mail.ru says:

      Natalia! The main element of any predictive system is the guessing one, his faith and concentration of attention. If the questioner can concentrate on his question and believes in the result, than he will receive a reliable answer. If you doubt the on-line divinations, then the results will not be reliable. It is a vicious circle: doubts in the results give dubious results. For those doubting and not knowing how to reliably hold attention, I would recommend divinations with help the game “Lila Chakra” http://lilachakra.com/. The game will not only give the most detailed, but also the most reliable answer. The fact is that in the game you many times roll a dice and move. If you thought about extraneous things befor one throw and it incorrectly reflected the situation, then in general the picture will correct and the answer through the game will be more right. The game is less sensitive to single errors of the questioner.

  3. Маргарита says:

    Hello. The hexagram 54 “Unconditional love” fell out, when I asked on the Book of Changes. It surprised me, you can say, I was shocked. Can I talk more about this hexagram? Thanks, I’m waiting for an answer.

    • evk200@mail.ru says:

      Marguerite, hello! Thank you for such a question. Love Unconditional is the main, central theme of life. About it you can talk endlessly and everything will be not enough. In addition to the description of hexagram 54, read the page “Basic Law” http://changebeing.com/basic-law/. It’s all about Unconditional Love. Probably this is the most beautiful hexagram, but it is also the most dangerous hexagram. Its ancient name is “The Bride”. The names should be treated as widely as possible, because 64 hexagrams cover the entire spectrum of life situations. That is, this is a concrete bride, but above all, it is a man who became a bride, a bride of the Higher Forces, the bride of God. In ancient texts, the danger of this situation is clearly indicated: “The bride is not yet a wife! And if she is not extremely humble, then troubles can not be avoided. ” According to the Basic law of subtle energy exchange with the arrival of Love Unconditional to the person, the real powerful energy comes to him. According to the same law, everything that this person condemns receives from him an energy impulse for realization in the life of this person. Probably the arrival of Unconditional Love is the most beautiful and at the same time most tragic period for a person. How to learn to ride a bicycle, never falling from it? Especially it is impossible to master the energy of Love Unconditional, the energy of God, without suffering and tragedy.

  4. Милана says:

    Hello, all this is very interesting! I also had a hexogram 54 and an additional 34 for my question. I was even upset. 54 hexogram says about suffering for the questioner and even for the family. The question is serious, it concerns my work and career in the near future. I still do not understand how to control myself and where to stop to prevent suffering. If you can explain, please, what is waiting for me on my question? Thanks, I’ll wait.

  5. Sofi says:

    Thank you! All very interesting and accurate

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