Let’s divide the ways to receive subtle energy into two categories: the ascending and the descending patterns.
The ascending pattern of receiving subtle energy means that the person is in the state of love, in resonance with the love vibration. He is filled with the subtle energy from his loved ones and from the outer field. The moments of true happiness, delight, good deeds, and great achievements nourish him with energy. The ascending pattern is the way to God, the way to boost the energy of love. It results in spiritual growth and progress.

Счастье, радость, любовь

The descending pattern means receiving the energy from people by generating such emotions, as anger, resentment, judgment and fear. The mechanism for receiving energy in this case was described above. Craving to get more and more subtle energy brings about an uncontrollable urge to commit increasingly horrific acts that are shocking for people, especially for the nearest and dearest. This is a way of spiritual degradation. This pattern is called descending.
The descending pattern consists in redistributing the available amounts of love that people currently have. It is a regulator that prevents individuals from accumulating too much subtle energy.

The ascending pattern is hard for people because it implies being able to feel pure love at least at times, to be in resonance with the divine energy.

But the energy inflow, in this case, is so powerful, that it is enough to nourish lots of people, who choose the descending pattern of energy exchange.

By Evgeny Kitanin

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