Accepting negativity with love

Принятие с любовью негатива, зависимость

Is sending love always safe? Can you enhance negativity if you send love when you are feeling negative?

That’s a good question.

On the one hand, the Basic law of subtle energy exchange leads to the conclusion that love is the only root cause of all the events because there is no other power at all.

That is why negativity takes its energy from love too. Let’s consider the energy exchange of two close people. One of them performs negative actions, the other condemns, thus amplifying the partner’s negative actions. This is a natural course of events.

Парадокс Основногозакона тонкого энергообмена

The major paradox of the Basic Law of Subtle Energy Exchange is:

When we resent negative phenomena, we fuel them with our vital energy, rather than struggle against them.

What will the energy exchange look like, if the reaction to negativity is love? It seems that by sending love energy at moments of negativity, we will amplify them. In fact, the doer of a negative action can’t accept the love energy impulse, as he is out of synch with it. In exactly a similar way, we are all in a powerful love field of God, but we can only draw energy from it when we experience the vibration of pure love.

Thus, sending love cannot fuel a negative action. Moreover, if a doer of negative action and a person in love vibrations communicate, the subtle energy will move away from the negative doer towards the loving one, according to the fundamental law of subtle energy exchange.
This is the complete destruction of negativity!
The Basic Law of subtle energy exchange probably is the world’s most paradoxical law!
Despite its utmost simplicity, it always leads to surprising conclusions!

Sending love to a negative manifestation results in de-energizing and eventually eliminating it. 

The negativity will simply burn down in the flames of  Your Love! This process is healing for the doer of negative actions, as it redirects him from degradation towards personal growth.

In doing so, the sender of love receives a double inflow of subtle energy: a huge one from the outer love field of God and a smaller one from the negative person.

It is reminiscent of Jesus Christ’s words, which seemed hard to comprehend: 
‘But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also’, Jesus Christ, English Standard Version (Matthew 5:3842)

People often blame love for their sorrows. ‘All the problems came up because I love him too much!’  As a rule, they mistake their worries and fears for a strong love. It’s so far from being love, it’s fear of losing it!

Worries and fears result in descending patterns of energy exchange, which provokes the partner to negative actions.

If the only reaction to negative events was love, there would be far less misery and suffering, and the world would change dramatically.

Love is a universal harmonization and healing tool in any situation!

You don’t have to measure how much love you are giving, because real love can never harm!

Table of contents “Basic law of subtle energy exchange”

Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).

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