At first, you need to understand that love and fear are antagonistic and conflicting emotions.
Addiction is caused by fear, which was originally rooted in love. So, you need to get rid of the fear, not of the love.

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Addiction is the result of your huge love that is not free of fears!
To many of you, these recommendations will seem too primitive and innocent to really change something. What’s the big deal! Sending love instead of resentment, can it actually heal the biggest problem of my life?

Yes, this is the only way to completely reverse the situation!

These methods are very powerful and should be applied in a careful and responsible manner. The key element is taking a gradual approach. The addict is used to receiving energy from the co-dependent and might feel de-energized if the co-dependent no longer worries about him.
Our ability to feel happy directly depends on the amount of the accumulated subtle energy. Drastic changes in your energy exchange might be perceived as a loss of love with all the consequences that it implies.

If you no longer worry about the addict as much as you used to, he will, according to the Basic law of subtle energy exchange, feel deprived of subtle energy (see The subtle reasons of addictions).
So, if you commit to the path of reducing drama in your life, you should send love to the addict as often as you can, especially at the moments of his negative behavior.
It will support him in the transition towards a new energy exchange pattern. At first, it might seem to be impossible and against your nature, but there is no other way. You need to realize that whatever negative the addict does, is done to receive your love energy.
The smallest good deed should be celebrated with maximum love sent by you, to shift his process towards the ascending energy exchange pattern.
What is meant by sending love? Above all, it’s sending appreciation, gratitude, and acceptance to the person. By this, I mean an inner mental message, an energy impulse. ‘What should I be grateful for, when he…?’
There is something you should thank for.
If you finally manage to overcome this dramatic challenge, you will change completely! This is your golden opportunity, your breakthrough, your big moment! This might be the meaning of your life, it’s realization!
You should feel thankful to the person, who gives you this chance to grow spiritually through hardships, of course.
Is there any other way?

If you are the main co-dependent, the nearest, the most loving, and suffering, the situation is sure to change. You will experience dramatic changes for the better, both in you and in the addict, because the root energy reason of the addiction will be solved.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you the best of luck in overcoming this trial of life!
I would like to highlight that you are not a sufferer, a sinner man with bad karma, you are not paying off the debts of your previous incarnations.
This is a natural situation, conforming to the basic law of subtle energy exchange, for the people with the high energy potential of love.


The higher levels of love energy you have accumulated, the higher the risk of addictions among your loved ones!

In this respect, love is like a steep hill. The higher you climb, the more you risk falling down.
What’s more, fear makes this fall almost inevitable! To climb this mountain, we must all become brave and skillful alpinists. This is the way of love, ascension to God, a path for the strong and the fearless.

If you a co-dependent, you are exactly such a person!

Table of contents “Basic law of subtle energy exchange”

Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).

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