‘Drinking alcohol, smoking,
other kinds of intentional intoxication
are a fear of the truth,’ 

If you are addicted, you must be very angry at your co-dependent. As a rule, you are a victim of his love and attachment. As a child, you couldn’t do anything about it, you were just reaching out for love, the subtle energy, like a flower reaches out for the sun. 

Дети, воспитание

You couldn’t avoid becoming who you are now. Before your adult life started, the descending pattern of energy exchange had already become your dominant one. The descending pattern is always a path full of trouble and suffering. Moreover, the moment is inevitable, when your co-dependent will no longer nourish you with the energy. For you, it’s a serious challenge in terms of receiving energy.

You might have already tried to kill or harm the co-dependent or attempted suicide. You have taken revenge for your messed-up life and, because you are reading this, started looking for a way to harmonize your life.

First of all, you need to realize that there is no one to blame in this situation.  These are only huge waves in the ocean of love.  Everybody has their own ways to love. You can see lots of people, crippled by love, because it is the most powerful force.

To start your ascension to happiness, to the real love, which you can always rely on, you need to recall the moments of receiving the subtle energy through positive events. Everybody has moments like this.

It’s a good idea to recall them every day in the morning and at night. Even thinking of the moments of love, you receive the subtle energy from God’s outer field and shift to the ascending pattern of energy exchange.

The essence of your transition is in paying attention to the positive moments of your life and cultivating them, whereas doing your best to avoid receiving the subtle energy in your habitual negative ways.

In a real-life situation, it might not be an easy task to do, especially if your co-dependent doesn’t want to let you go.

For example, she tells you about your fears every day: “I am so much afraid that you are going to drink again! I cried all night long, thinking about it!”

страх, тревога, беспокойство

This is a powerful subconscious direct instruction to drink. Behind it, there can be a fear to lose you, a fear of becoming unneeded. Take it as a manifestation of great love and avoid the temptation to get the subtle energy by realizing this fear. It’s very hard. It’s much harder than for a hungry person to say no to a fragrant dish dangling in front of his face. But your life is at stake.

If you are not strong enough to resist the pressure from the co-dependent, who leads you to the abyss, you should for some time (until you grow stronger) block the energy exchange channel.

This is a very severe measure that should only be used as the last resort.

The most important thing here is not to get angry. Aggression will stop you from connecting to the ascending energy flow, as they are not compatible at the vibration level.

Additionally, there is a mitigating factor: the co-dependent really loves you more than life.

You can temporarily block the energy exchange channel in the following way (according to the Pleiadians, our space teachers). To stop the descending energy flow you should break the energy channels. Close your eyes and imagine your energy sheath(aura).

In your mind’s eye, run your hand over its outer border.

Identify the bundles of channels, connecting you with the co-dependent. Cut them with scissors and, expressing your gratitude for everything you have experienced together, stick a red rose( a symbol of your gratitude) in the cut at the co-dependent’s side.

You can be expressing your love and gratitude, for example like this: ‘I forgive you and let you go with love. Now we are not connected and I will be solving all my problems only by myself. I wish you love and happiness!’

After it, you will be less sensitive to the co-dependent’s fears and will be able to start your healing process.

Help your co-dependent to become a happy person.


It will take some time for the wounds to heal. You need to calm down completely and feel the strength to start actively communicating with the co-dependent again.

Before this stage, you must be deeply rooted in love vibrations when you think about the co-dependent. If you fail to do it, you should better stick to the alienation phase, as trying to reconnect is likely to worsen the situation.

If you manage to feel happy and glad when you think about the co-dependent, you can reach out to him. If again you turn out to be weak and unable to avoid resentment and anger, break the contact again. Another alienation phase, self-improvement work. When you feel strong enough to start again, do it.

If you succeeded in getting rid of the energy root of your addiction completely and helped the co-dependent to embark on the path of happiness, the addiction will leave your life. It will follow the subtle energy, which generated it like a dog follows a leash.

You won the greatest victory of the spirit in the severe challenges that you faced.

You might have agreed to this hard, tragic role before you were born because you felt the powerful force inside and huge spiritual potential. Nobody is who they seem to be!

Apparently, not many people would agree to play this cruel game and, beyond any doubt, not many would be able to win! 

Only very strong people face such challenges!


Table of contents “Basic law of subtle energy exchange”

Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).

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