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For most people, relationships with their loved ones are multidimensional and include very difficult and even dramatic situations. Will the law of subtle energy exchange help to explain why nearest and dearest sometimes treat each other in extremely cruel ways? We can immediately say that the energy exchange between the closest people will be as intensive as possible because they are interconnected with each other and form an integrated energy system.
This is where the divine game of life will be mostly happening. Our destiny is multilayered, it includes both the manifested reality and the subtle plane. At times we tend to ignore the subtle energies plane, especially when it contains a lot of emotional wounds.
It is impossible to ignore them, because through those wounds our vital energy leaks out, attracting events with similar vibrations. To become happier, you have to learn how to heal those wounds.
Nobody would walk the streets bleeding from an open physical wound. You can’t do that, and it’s understandable to everyone.
But so many people bleed at the subtle energy plane!

This plane is in fact much more important, as it shapes events in your life!
Relationships with elderly parents, children, wives, and husbands are formed on the subtle plane. He said-she answered- nothing happened, but lots of emotions are triggered! The majority of people have complaints and resentment against their loved ones.
Those claims might be far-fetched, but might as well be well-grounded and impossible to deny. What we consider to be right is important at the mental level and forces us to act accordingly, sometimes in an extremely violent way.
However, at the subtle energy plane, there is no right. You can be right a million times, but it doesn’t matter at all.

In terms of love, being right is pointless!

To preserve your health and your high potential of love, you should avoid judgments, resentment, and fear, no matter what is happening around you. It’s of crucial importance in your relationship with the nearest and dearest. If you don’t want to experience serious problems and don’t want your family members to suffer, you should control your emotional status in the family circle.

Such reasoning might seem too abstract and irrelevant when it comes to your life. Then, let’s take a simple example. All mothers are worried about their children. It’s a norm, it’s natural. But understanding the subtle energy exchange suggests otherwise. Mothers, who worry about their children, at the subtle plane cause their fears to come true, they spark off calamities.

How can we avoid worrying about the family? They are all so nice and sweet!

Воспитание детей, гармония в семье

Paradox. If you really want your child to be happy, you should never worry about him. That’s how you can REALLY protect him from troubles! Vice versa, if you worry about him, you cause problems and troubles in your child’s life.

Table of contents “Basic law of subtle energy exchange”

Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).

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