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It’s all about the frequencies, namely the frequency mismatch! To understand the energetic causes of events taking place on Earth, we need to briefly consider 2 scientific discoveries:

  1. The basic law of subtle energy exchange by Albert Einstein.
  2. Increase in the Schumann frequency, the frequency of the Earth’s electromagnetic radiation.

The basic law of subtle energy exchange by Albert Einstein.

The basic law of subtle energy exchange by A. Einstein says “Where there is love, there is a subtle energy“. Subtle energy flows towards higher vibrations of Love.

How is downloading of subtle energy by one person from another taking place? I will call the person who downloads energy an energy trainer.

 For example. An energy trainer is coming up to you in the street and asking an innocent question: “How to get to the bus stop?” You are stopping, although you were in a hurry, trying to explain better … The energy trainer cannot understand at all, he is getting confused, asking again and again. His behavior is quite unpleasant… You are wasting your time and getting angry. A couple more phrases and you exploding: “Oh, for God’s sake… Is it so difficult to understand? It’s so clear!”

Stop, take a look at the energy trainer, from your rude words he is blooming like a May rose, he is about to take off! The trainer at this very moment is receiving subtle energy from you! As a result, the energy trainer feels that he is bursting with energy, and you barely, moving your legs muttering something like: “There are such stupid people!”

This example is simple and clear. The one who is angry, he lowering his vibration frequency and losing his vitality. The one who is happy is increasing his frequency filling with subtle energy.

It is important for us to understand that when interacting, the subtle energy of love will flow towards higher vibrations.


Increasing the Schumann frequency, the frequency of the Earth’s electromagnetic radiation.

Scientists have established a connection between human emotions and the frequency of electromagnetic radiation. The higher the frequency of electromagnetic radiation is, the closer a person is to Unconditional Love.

Schumann has measured the dominant electromagnetic frequency of the planet Earth. It turned out to be equal to 7.4 Hz. This frequency corresponds to the emotion of sadness, grief.

Until recently, this frequency was practically constant. Recently the electromagnetic frequency of the Earth has rushed upward (like a restive horse), setting more and more records. Several laboratories around the world broadcast their Schumann frequency measurements online. Scientists are amazed at what is happening. The vibration frequency of the Earth often goes off the scale to the upper measurement limit of 40 Hz.

The dominant emotion of the Earth is no longer sadness, 
but JOY, changing in a wide range of frequencies!


Let’s rejoice for the Earth and consider how the energy interaction of the planet with humans has changed.

The vast majority of people are in higher frequency emotions than sadness. This means that before, all people were always fed from nature, from the planet Earth, when its frequency was only 7.4 Hz.
Now that the Earth has become joyful and has raised its frequencies over 20 Hz, the low-frequency part of people will lose their energy, their vitality, just being on this planet. The situation will get worse as the Earth’s frequency increases. This will lead to an even more intense de-energization of low-frequency people. Our beloved planet Earth is becoming more and more joyful and this will be incompatible with the presence of low-frequency people on it. Briefly, the current situation can be described as follows: raise your vibrations or you will leave this planet due to a frequency inconsistency.


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