«If you hate a person,
then you are defeated by them

JUDGEMENT. Energy vortex and karma distribution.
When we judge people, our vibrations shift away from love vibrations. According to the basic law of energy exchange, we lose energy. Judgment and love are quite far away from each other, which means that our vital energy plummets dramatically when we judge others. The energy impulse of judgment boosts the judged, nourishing it with energy and turns the events towards a powerful manifestation of the disapproved features.
If the judgment impulse is persistent and powerful, it will inevitably result in growing numbers of phenomena and people that elicit condemnation.

We have come full circle. The energy vortex, which is fueled by condemnation, has come up, swirled and is gaining in intensity! The more you judge, the more powerful the judged becomes! The basic law of subtle energy exchange is the law of paradoxes.

The paradox: When we judge, not only don’t we eradicate or reduce the judged, but, on the contrary, we fuel and nourish it with our vital energy in proportion to our condemnation.

If you judge, the last thing you want to do is to fuel and to strengthen the judged. But that is what actually happens. The great quote by Jesus Christ :
‘Judge not, and you will not be judged’ warns us against any kind of judgment.

By judging, we nourish the negativity with our own vital energy, thus becoming at the subtle plane a co-creator of the negative phenomenon, with all the karma consequences that come with it.

This is the subtle mechanism of generating and distributing karma among those, who acts directly, and the ones, who energize this impulse through judging. Moreover, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the direct author of the negative act will gain more negative karma. Everything depends on the
energy potentials distribution. This is not a rare case, when the co-creator (the judging one) turns into the main creator of the negativity through nourishing it with his own vital energy.

The paradox: If you judge a lot, you become the main creator of the things that you judge.

A metaphor. You are carrying a backpack full of gold. Every day you do your best to add more golden coins to your treasure. This gold is more than just a precious metal, it’s your vitality, your life.
Judgment is a hole in your backpack, through which all the collected gold leaks. The more you judge, the bigger this hole. The more gold you are carrying, the bigger your loss will be. If the leakage is big enough, the level of your happiness and health will go down. Stop producing new holes by judging others! It’s a good idea to mend the old holes too. This can be done by becoming less judgmental and opinionated.

According to the basic law of the subtle energy exchange, through judgment and hatred you directly fuel with your energy exactly the things that you condemn. By condemning a politician or a corrupt official, you send him an invaluable gift of your vital energy, at the subtle level encouraging him to go ahead with the behavior that you disapprove of.

страх, тревога, беспокойство, осуждение

Obviously, you wrinkle and shrivel at the subtle plane. Is it what you want? By getting angry at your boss at work, you encourage his bad behavior. Your resentment towards your family members forces them to hurt you even more.
You hate alcoholism, war, theft, betrayal, corruption… Let’s at least at the subtle plane stop fueling them with our vital energy, let’s stop condemning them!
Is it feasible to make this idea come true?
Probably, not totally, but to a certain extent. Simply recognizing the fact, that by condemning we enhance what we hate, is enough to become less judgmental. What prevents us from not judging at all?
Stereotypes, dogmas and clichés.
They are engrained in our minds, the form the framework, the skeleton of our minds and mentalities.
But even if we manage to dramatically change our mentality, we still won’t be able to completely avoid judging. Stereotyped responses are deeply rooted in our subconsciousness.( see The Stereotypes Matrix)
90 per cent or more of our natural reactions are subconscious. That is why, regardless of your awareness level, there is no way you could smile radiantly in response to a direct insult, ‘turn the other cheek’(according to the well-known saying by Jesus Christ).
Does it mean that the situation is hopeless and we can’t get rid of hatred and judgment?
It’s impossible to do it at once. But ‘ drops of water can pierce rocks’ and ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’.
If you are committed to do it, in the course of time you can go a long way towards your goal.
Condemnation is absolute, which means it always results in the subtle energy leakage, vitality loss. It’s useless to explain why in this very situation it’s totally impossible to avoid condemning others.



Don’t judge, Be happy!


Table of contents “Basic law of subtle energy exchange”

Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).

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