‘- Cowardice is one of the worst human vices.
– I dare to argue with you.
Cowardice is the worst human vice’,
Mikhail Bulgakov “Master and Margarita”

We know from our own experience, that what we fear tends to come true in our life. Yet, we want the events to take a completely different turn of development. Our wishes, as a rule, are not granted, because we crave too much. This state of wishing for something too much is sure to include the fear of failure. Even the smallest fear is sure to initiate certain unwanted developments. Can the basic law of subtle energy exchange explain why fear has such a strong influence on the events in our life?
Fear is an all-consuming energy vortex that channels future events in its own direction. It’s very simple.
Let’s consider an interaction between a boss and his employee as an example. The employee is afraid of her boss for no reason. According to the basic law of subtle energy exchange, this fear, manifested through anxiety and worry, directs the employee’s vital energy towards the boss and forces him to realize her fears at the energy level.

Глаза, страх

The boss feels this message on the subtle plane. If the descending energy exchange pattern is dominant in the boss’s life, he will encourage her to be even more afraid, thus receiving increasingly more energy from her. To achieve this, he can just frown at her and talk in an irritated tone of voice. The fear vortex expands. Chances are high that this interaction will develop into the oppressor-victim relationship.

The paradox. Undoubtedly, everybody will condemn the mad-looking boss, who is torturing the innocent subordinate. However, let’s take into account that initially this type of relationship was generated by her fear.
Now, let’s imagine that a boss is a person with an ascending pattern of energy exchange. It’s against his nature to receive the subtle energy from his employee’s fear, he gets it from the outer field of love. Feeling fear for no reason at all, the boss starts looking for an explanation. Apparently, the subordinate is hiding something and is afraid of being revealed. Fear generates suspicion and, consequently, a prejudiced attitude. When the employee makes a mistake, the accumulated energy of fear forces the boss to scold her too strongly.
The boss says to himself that he had sensed there was something wrong with her. Now the boss with his expectations also generates negativity at the subtle plane. That’s how an unreasonable fear becomes grounded in real facts.
Out of nothing more than a baseless fear, a real drama arises.
The emotion of fear leaves no room for love, generating anxiety and worry. This is the descending pattern of energy exchange. The subtle energy of fear is a powerful energy vortex that forms all the future events of life accordingly. What is more, all the efforts to redirect the events in the opposite direction are usually in vain.

For example, a woman loves her son a lot and is afraid that he might become a drug addict. Only a boy of light with positive potential would be able to overcome such a powerful energy message from the loving mother.

страх, тревога, беспокойство

Fear is often the most powerful factor that shapes our lives!

Where does the fear come from? How can we control it? As soon as fear soaks into the mind, it leaves no room for other emotions and becomes a dominant vibration.
Such a reaction is deeply rooted in our consciousness. It appeared very long ago when danger lurked in every shadow.
Suppose, someone is taking a walk in the forest. Birds are singing, butterflies are fluttering around, the flowers are in full blossom! Splendid!
Suddenly, there is a squeaking sound. The person forgets about the beauty around and totally concentrates on the suspicious sound. Is it a leopard? Being able to immediately focus on the potential danger was at that time essential to survive.
In our everyday life, there is no need to fight for survival every moment, and the centuries-old habit of concentration on fears is now ruining our health and our lives.

Do not hold on to anger, pain or suffering: they steal your energy and prevent love“. Leonardo Felice Buscaglia

How to free yourself from fear and anxiety

Table of contents “Basic law of subtle energy exchange”

Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).


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