How to free yourself from fear and anxiety

For centuries, we have been living in a safe environment, but fear is still a dominant emotion. How can we get rid of it? Just saying to yourself that you no longer want to pay attention, will not work. It’s like a well-known fable about white monkeys: the more you try to ignore them, the more you will be thinking about them. According to the basic law of subtle energy exchange, any negative phenomenon is annihilated with love.

The most effective way to free yourself from fear and anxiety is to love what you are afraid of!

If you are afraid of catching a disease, love your disease( for more details, see ‘Love your disease’ by Dr.Sinelnikov). If you are afraid of death, you should love your death, etc.

Another good way to overcome your fears is to concentrate on the present moment. Fear is an imaginary danger, which can potentially come true in the future.

Воображение, страх, здесь и сейчас.

In the present moment, there is no fear. Even in case the situation is really dangerous here and now, there is no room for speculation and imagination, you need to act fast and focus on solving this particular problem. In a dangerous situation, a driver is not afraid, he drives out of it. Later, when it’s over and he has free time to process the perilous moment of the past, he can experience the fear. “OMG, it was awful!”

Practicing ‘here and now’ makes us really fearless, thus minimizing negativity in our lives.

If you are feeling afraid or anxious, notice it. By doing this, you disengage from the situation and relieve the emotional stress immediately. Then you should concentrate your attention on the present moment.
It’s a good idea to focus on your bodily sensations, on the details of your environment. Through this, the real-life here and now will replace your imaginary life, full of fears. If you practice ‘here and now’, you will free yourself from fears and, what is more, will be able to see the beauty of the world around you. Your life will be shining in new splendor. Normally, we ignore this beauty, because our minds are somewhere else. All the beautiful details of the world around are gone undetected.

Let’s consider another highly powerful method, taking negative information as an example. As a rule, it generates fear and anxiety. According to the basic law of the subtle energy exchange, fear produces a high-powered energy vortex that will shape future developments, so that the fears come true. So, we fall into the classic trap: our own power, our energy is used to form the events that we are most afraid of. How can we free ourselves from the trap? How can we prevent the damaging effects that negative information has on us and our environment?
I recommend Kryon’s codes, sacred numerology, known since ancient times as gematria. I was so deeply impressed by the power of this method, that created a transformation game called ‘Kryon’s code’. Now this game is quite popular in Russia.

So, what is Kryon’s code? You will understand it immediately because simplicity is the mark of genius. Letter A is substituted with 1, letter B-with 2, letter C- with 3, and so on. The numeric value of any phrase can be calculated by adding up the numeric equivalents of every letter. In the manifested reality, words or phrases with identical numerical values can substitute each other easily.
Let’s move on to practice. Now!

Table of contents “Basic law of subtle energy exchange”

Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).


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