If we consider our lives to be a training course on the way to God, to the light, we couldn’t help admiring its absolute perfection. Our daily lives are customized to provide each and every one of us exactly what we need for our maximum personal growth.


‘If you are trying to solve a problem, do it with love. You will understand that the reason of your problem is lack of love, as it is the only reason of all the problems,’ Ken Kerry

Let’s consider the following examples.

An overcrowded bus at rush hour. Two women are scolding each other, competing in their attempts to offer their vital energy to one another. Obviously, they are losing energy and look increasingly worse.

гнев, обида

Hustle and crush in the crowd are training at their level of development. They need to master it and start smiling back when they are pushed.


On the same overcrowded bus, I step on somebody’s foot and turn back with apologies. In response, I receive an angel’s smile!  How is it possible to shine brightly in return for clumsiness and pain?

Is heaven visiting our bus and manifesting itself through this girl? I was struck by the level of love in her smile!

Счастье, радость, улыбка

The power of SMILE

This is a different, unattainable (hopefully, only for now) level of love. I should strive to reach it! This is the training course for me!

A lot of people would say there is nothing special in this simple situation. The girl just didn’t react aggressively, why would you consider it an outstanding fact?

The thing is, at the very first moment of the unpleasant situation our subconscious reactions manifest themselves vividly. They are the real core of the self.

In similar situations, I initially react aggressively, then pull myself together and do my best to respond with love. But my first subconscious reaction is still aggression.  When I feel hurt, at first I lose my subtle energy, my vitality.

The girl, who immediately reacted with a smile, has love as her first subconscious reaction. She receives love right from the outer field of God and shares it generously with the world. This is a high level of love. The girl is a real dolphin among people. This metaphor is not at all offensive, because I consider dolphins to be the biggest experts in love.

Table of contents “Basic law of subtle energy exchange”

Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).

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