Do you think if all your beliefs
were replaced with the directly
opposite ones, it would
distance you from the truth?

It’s been proved that a visual signal, coming from the eyes, passes through the brain area with a library of visual images. There the information is decoded and identified at the unconscious level.  When the processed signal reaches our consciousness, it is already distorted by the stereotypes. We do not see the world directly! Our perception is inherently stereotypical.

We perceive the world through the matrix of stereotypes!

It explains, why a dark spot under the tree often seems to be a cat, but in fact can be anything, for example, a rag. Culture and science are stereotyped. Even our language is a powerful stereotype. Stereotypes are not always something bad. Because of them, mankind is able to progress so fast.   At the establishment and development stage, stereotypes boost progress, but they tend to become a powerful, insurmountable obstacle on the way to something brand new.

‘We stubbornly hold on to what is familiar to us, even if it’s our cage,’ John le Carre.

If we are thankful to someone, we send him love. It complies with the basic law. But if we completely disagree with something, want to change it, to confront it, to fight with it, the basic law still suggests sending love. It’s contrary to our logic, it pulls the rug out from under our feet.

But there is no mistake: the basic law states categorically, that around half of all our natural reactions should be replaced with the opposite ones.

The paradox of the basic law is demonstrated vividly when the subtle energy leaves a decent person and flows towards the one, who blatantly violates moral rules. Accepting this situation is very difficult in certain cases, as it looks contrary to the established vision of the world, the matrix of stereotypes.

The matrix of stereotypes is the major obstacle on the way to manifesting love in any situation. If we can’t overcome it, free ourselves from the limiting frameworks of the matrix, we will be doomed to judge people, lose energy, and enhance the things that we disapprove of.

‘Nothing obscures the sight more than a point of view,’ Don Aminado.

Stereotypes of our consciousness prevent us from changing destiny, they narrow the scope of life scenarios down to a single one, which might be far from positive.  The deeply ingrained beliefs prevent us from changing our perception of life events, to love what we have always judged.

As a rule, to solve a problem that has come to a dead-end, we must free ourselves from the matrix of stereotypes.

Is it realistic to free yourself from the matrix? It depends on stereotypes. You can overcome some of them just by raising awareness and taking in new information. Only a few people can rise above other stereotypes.

We call those people enlightened or genius. The nature of any break-through is moving beyond the established concepts of the fundamental characteristics of the world.

To my mind, the most effective way to free yourself from the stereotypes is playing the transformational ‘Leela-chakra’ game. It represents real life on a board, which is based on the ancient hexagrams of I Ching (Book of Changes).

The concept of synchronicity by Karl Jung is vividly manifested in the process through the genuine link between the game spaces the gamer visits and the reality of his life. In this game, a unique method of freeing yourself from the stereotypes matrix is used. Every square provides a chance to find the truth through contemplating controversial and sometimes conflicting ideas.

Before playing the ‘Leela Chakra’ game, a person has the one and only opinion in a certain life situation. After the game, he may even think that several ideas that are in direct contradiction to each other, might be true at the same time.

During the game, the structure of his consciousness becomes less rigid. New neural connections (synapse) form and the brain grows younger at the physical level ( for more details, please see  Stereotypes no longer control us. 

As a result, we can feel and manifest love in life situations, where it seemed completely impossible.

Table of contents “Basic law of subtle energy exchange”

Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).


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