When do we feel totally happy? When the body is completely relaxed and full of bliss, everything seems to be awesome, we are contented and feel love. Mind you, there are no external factors in this list. It means that the environment is of secondary importance when it comes to our happiness. For example, the ideas of being happy when we are loved, when we own a beautiful car, have a lot of money, tasty food, or an attractive partner, is also true. But these factors are less powerful and can collapse at any moment. Happiness is our inner state of love. Thus, according to the basic law, happiness is being filled with subtle energy.

Happiness is being full of the subtle energy of love.  


On the contrary, when we lack energy, we experience bodily discomfort, annoyance, anger. There are two ways to receive subtle energy: the ascending and the descending ones.  The subtle energy inflow always makes us happy. But happiness is sustainable only in case we use the ascending pattern. When the descending pattern is used, we receive the energy from another person, which makes him unhappy. This situation can’t last long, because the donor, who loses the subtle energy, will either change or be exhausted.  When the recipient can no longer receive enough subtle energy,  he will face a disaster that results in depression, because he doesn’t know any other ways to receive the energy.

‘There are no evil people in the world, only unhappy ones. ‘ M.Bulgakov, Master and Margarita.

It is essential to have a deep understanding of how people function at the subtle energy level because we all crave happiness. To be happy, we need to maintain a high level of love, no matter what happens. The basic law helps us to realize when we receive the energy and when we lose it.  Understanding this law is the key to happiness.

Understanding the basic law of subtle energy exchange is the highway to happiness.

If you accept deeply in your heart that everything is love, you will find happiness everywhere. Resentment of reality indicates, firstly, inconsiderate opinions, unawareness of the essence of life, and the basic law of energy exchange.  Negative emotions are a suicide at a subtle level.

‘Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for another person to die,’ Wilfred.

According to the basic law of subtle energy exchange, you shouldn’t fight evil, you should love it.

Non-resistance to evil by force is the major concept by Leo Tolstoy.

Evil is an integral part of the world, necessary for love and the good to be manifested. We have to understand and accept this to achieve genuine happiness.

‘ What would the good be doing, if there were no evil? What would the Earth look like, if  all the shadows disappeared?’ M.Bulgakov, Master, and Margarita.

If everyone has everything, who needs something? We dream of abundance, we wish all our dreams to come true, but we fail to realize that such a situation would deprive us of chances to do something for others, to give and accept love.

‘ The day when you face no problems will be the day when you realize you are going in the wrong direction.’ Swami Vivekananda

Appreciate the world as is, for it’s the best of all possible worlds! We live in a world, where everything is love!

Here and now we live in PARADISE!

‘An optimist believes that we live in the best of all possible worlds. A pessimist is afraid that it is so,’ M Zhvanetsky.

We just need to accept that paradise is impossible without challenges and hardships, it would turn into nothing, into a world where we can’t share the love and don’t need to accept it.

‘ A person full of love is in paradise. You can perceive a human being as an amazing and unique plant, which can produce both, honeydew and poison. If he lives a life of hatred, his harvest is poison; if he lives in love, he picks flowers, full of honeydew,’ Osho

Moreover, according to the basic law of subtle energy exchange, the higher his level of love, the more challenging the trials and troubles of his life will be. Bless and be grateful to your hardships, as not only are they the evidence of the high level of your spiritual development, but also a key factor in achieving genuine happiness. 

‘Gratitude to the world, not only for the good but also for the challenges, should always be in your heart, be the main pillar of life. Then you will grow,’ Laozi. 

Richard Gere, a popular actor, on practicing happiness. ‘ Another powerful exercise that I have been practicing for many years: whoever I meet, be it a human being or an insect, the FIRST thing that crosses my mind is ‘I WISH YOU HAPPINESS!’. It’s important that ‘I WISH YOU HAPPINESS!’ should be really the first thought. It changes completely what is going to happen between you and the other person. It’s based on my personal experience. Sometimes it may be extremely difficult when you meet an enemy or face a tough situation. Through meditations, I have learned to prevent negative emotions, and it helps a lot. You are able to create a certain environment around you… You see a negative emotion appearing there and before it controls you, you transform it…You see everything as is: this is ignorance; anger is nothing more than ignorance from my side, from their side.

Transform it, let it go, turn it into LOVE.


Try to do it, and you will see how much your life is going to change.’

It follows from the basic law that the more love you give out, the more subtle energy of love you receive.  The fastest track to happiness is wishing others to be happy! Self-realization is achieving a high level of love and happiness! The shortest route to making your friends and family happy is to make yourself happy.  We are all interconnected at the subtle level, and if our vibration is happiness and love, we immediately make our nearest and dearest happy too. They will spread love in chain order.

What do we need to do to achieve this? Just to understand that everything in our reality is a flow of love and happiness. We can see a lot of examples, when people are genuinely happy, no matter what life situations they face. For instance, Nick Vujicic is a happy person without arms and legs. He makes the world happier just being a part of it!

‘If you want to be happy, be!’ aphorism by Kozma Prutkov.

If you want to benefit your family, all the living beings of the beautiful planet Earth (lady Gaia), you should at first become a genuinely happy person.

‘No matter what pessimists may say, the Earth is absolutely beautiful, and merely unique under the Moonlight.’ Bulgakov. Master and Margarita.

Raise the level of your subtle energy to new heights through the trials and troubles of your life.

The only meaning of your being on the Earth is to raise the vibrations of the whole!’ Kryon, Lee Carroll.

To reach the country called HAPPINESS, you need to open the door with the sign LOVE. Be happy, make God smile!

This diverse, mysterious, and incomprehensible world is fairly simple: everything here is pure love!

In our world love fights with love to get more love!

If you want to make a present for someone, love him. If you want to win over your enemy, love him! The basic law of energy exchange suggests that the best reaction to any life situation is love. Any other reaction is less effective in terms of energy and can result in serious problems.

‘Love is the answer! No matter, what the question is,’ Jeff Foster

Table of contents “Basic law of subtle energy exchange”

Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).

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