‘Do not try to let them grab hold of your cry,
they will sew smiles out of it.’
Ray Bradbury.

In the letter to his daughter, Albert Einstein wrote: ‘Scientists have not considered love in their efforts to present a unified theory of the Universe. They’ve neglected it even though it is the most powerful invisible force out there.’

The basic law of subtle energy exchange states that where there’s love, there is a subtle energy.

If it’s true and everything in this world is just love, why is there so much evil? Maybe Einstein was wrong and his idea was nothing more than wishful thinking?

Where is love in a man, who does evil deliberately? Is there a trace of love in his soul?

With the help of the basic law of subtle energy exchange, we will demonstrate that even awful acts are fueled by love.

 The law ‘where there’s love, there is subtle energy’  seems primitive, but leads to eye-opening revelations.  It’s the law of paradoxes!

A maniac’s behavior is unexplainable and strange from the viewpoint of psychology. On the one hand, he might be a respectable family man, virtuous in the eyes of society. On the other hand, he commits a terrible crime.

Is he mentally disturbed?

Experts cannot explain the combination of his awful deeds and his normal life. It seems there are two separate people inside this person!

Taking into account the basic law of subtle energy exchange, we can easily comprehend the triviality and flatness of the ‘maniac’ phenomenon. The only dominant power in the ‘maniac’ is the descending pattern of receiving love.

He is hooked. He can only obtain love through inflicting pain and suffering.

The maniac declares his love for a woman and talks her into a walk in the forest. He must sound very realistic for a stranger to believe him. 

The woman expects love from him, but he takes out a knife…This is the worst crime ever: to declare love and then to brutally betray and ruin the person.  The woman feels indignant! Indignation is exactly what the manic was craving for. With each and every cell of her body, the lady hates and curses him. By that, she sends him an enormous, unparalleled flow of vital energy, the energy of love.


The maniac is in an ecstasy of delight! He becomes physiologically addicted to this terrible moment of his life! He will do his best to experience this situation again and again, in his memory and in real life. This is the only chance for him to receive so much subtle energy of love.

When people interact, they build energy exchange channels. The more emotions, the wider the channels. When one partner is angry and the other is happy, the energy of LOVE, according to the subtle energy exchange law, is directed from the angry person to the happy one. There are no alternatives! The energy just follows a smile. This process doesn’t take into account labels, such as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. When a victim curses the maniac, the subtle energy flows rapidly to the maniac.

This idea is very difficult to grasp.

How can the divine energy of love leave a good person and go to the terrible ‘maniac’? Looks like the subtle energy of love is unfamiliar with the human moral system.

This energy just follows the smile, it immediately leaves the angry person and flows to the happy one.

Now the question is: how can the maniac live, being sane and aware of his actions?

He uses a tool, which we all have. It’s our mind.

Our mind is a defense lawyer. Its job is to make us look good in our own eyes. For example, prisoners can always find a logical justification for their crimes or would insist that they did the right thing. People always use their minds to justify doing evil. Why? Just because negative self-esteem ruins health and leads to death.  Our mind, the lawyer,  defends our health, guarding us against detrimental thoughts.

Now let’s identify the manic inside ourselves. We need to do it in order to avoid judging the maniac. According to the basic law of subtle energy exchange, when we judge him, our vital energy flows to the maniac, encouraging him and making him stronger at the energy level.

Imagine a serious man with a briefcase, who looks down on other people in the street. All of a sudden, he stumbles awkwardly and falls in a puddle. Now, he is sending lots of subtle love energy to the world, as he can no longer keep his level of happiness and energy.

If we hated seeing his inflated ego before, now we are likely to feel excited, encouraged, and happy to witness his fall.  Later we will realize what exactly happened. Rejoicing at the misfortune of the man will make us feel embarrassed.

Of course, we will try to find an excuse. We could say that he was arrogant and deserved it.  Exaggerating his weaknesses to the maximum will justify our behavior.

This pattern of behavior is identical to the maniac’s actions. Somebody else’s suffering immediately makes us happy and we defend ourselves in our own eyes.

‘Mini maniac’ is inside every one of us!

We can either encourage and cultivate him, or discourage and mute him. Being aware of the maniac vibration is crucial if we want to harmonize ourselves and our relations with others.


Suppose, you meet a maniac. He should not necessarily be a sexual abuser with a knife. The ‘maniac’ vibration is often active in a variety of life situations, where one person takes joy and energy from another one’s pain and suffering.

What should be done to harmonize the situation?


The basic law of energy exchange is the law of paradoxes. According to it, the natural reaction of indignation and anger immediately directs our energy flows to the maniac. 

The maniac pulls a knife on me. I hate him! My curses boost his energy, he feels excited and powerful, he can no longer resist the temptation to stab me.

The paradox lies in the fact that he will kill me with my own vital energy!

If I want to live, I need to do a completely different thing: de-energize the maniac, leave him with no subtle energy of love. The only way to do it is to send him LOVE from the bottom of your heart!  Strange as it may seem, but it works wonders.

If by a miracle, you manage to do it, you’ll be surprised to see how powerful love is. It will by far exceed your expectations!

Shifting from indignation to love affects the maniac so much, that the situation is very likely to be resolved in your favor.

    Many may think that sending love to the maniac means kissing and hugging him. No! To harmonize any critical situation, you need to feel love at the emotional level. At the same time, there is no need to express your love in a stereotypical way. For the maniac, the best act of your love might be severe physical resistance. ‘From the bottom of my heart, with all my LOVE, the best thing I can do for you is to hit you.’  However, in the state of LOVE, you accumulate a lot of energy and power. To avoid excessive violence, you should say to yourself ‘To stop him, not to hurt him’. In the state of LOVE, your power is way stronger than in your daily life.

  Your life will be transformed completely when you understand that each and every action, no matter how awful, is driven by LOVE!

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