The good and the evil, the light and the dark

Tiny toddler told his Dad:
“I am puzzled so!
What is good and what is bad?”
The answer is you know! In this poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky, the father listed the good and the bad things…

Хорошо и плохо. Добро и зло. Свет и тьма..

Unfortunately, have not made any further progress from the simple listing in our understanding of such concepts as “good” and “bad”! These lists are ingrained in our culture through laws and non-written rules.
It could be a solution if the world was stable and clear-cut. But life is much more versatile and unpredictable.
What looks good and kind today, might turn out to be terrible tomorrow, whereas things that seem evil today, may become a blessing tomorrow.
Moreover, a phenomenon that is considered good in one tradition, can be labeled as unacceptable evil in another.

We can draw a conclusion, that at the moment it is impossible to define the crucial concepts of the good and the bad, the kind and the evil.

We don’t have reliable criteria to define these concepts, which results in a wide-spread idea that these concepts are non-existent and imaginary. Also, it is assumed that they make sense only coupled together. It means that, basically, we can’t understand what is good without realizing its polarity, the bad, and vice versa. However, this is not true, and it will be showing it later on.

Why is it crucial to define what is good and kind as opposed to bad and evil? We need to do it because our idea of which turn to take in life is based on those concepts. The better we understand what is good, the better decisions we will be able to make in each and every situation.
Consequently, these definitions shape our life and destiny at every given moment. It works with and without our awareness.

We all have inherent knowledge that enables us to take a correct view of any situation intuitively.  Our evaluation of a phenomenon is based on it. For example, destroying forests is ‘bad’ and this is absolute knowledge. It means that we know it immediately, regardless of all previous life experiences.  If we wake up to this initial unconscious knowledge, we can directly connect to the concepts of the good and the bad. What exactly is this knowledge?

In my viewpoint, this inherent knowledge is associated with Love, with the fundamental principle of all, according to Albert Einstein.

Events that we will call “bad” are characterized by a decrease in the total energy of love of all interacting.

It is ‘bad’ for each and every participant, including the ones, whose energy level increased as a result of the interaction.

Let’s take ‘energy vampirism’ as an example. The vital energy flows here from the victim to the trainer. It seems that the energy level of the ‘victim-trainer’ system stays the same. But the recipient fails to absorb all the energy from the victim. They would need to accord their vibrations completely to do it. But it’s impossible for the two totally different people!

So, energy will be partly lost. That is why the descending pattern of energy exchange is always characterized by a decrease in the total energy level.

Accordingly, such interaction is bad and evil for all the people involved.депрессия

We call a phenomenon good if
it results in a rise in the total love level.

Moreover, it’s ‘good’ for all the people involved, including the ones, whose energy level decreased as a result of the interaction.
When everybody is happy and celebrate life, a powerful inflow of divine love energy is directed toward them from the outfield ( see chapter ‘SOURCES OF HUMAN ENERGY’).
It’s completely understandable!
The basic law of the subtle energy exchange helps us to label as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ even in a very complicated situation, where someone’s energy increases and another one’s decreases.
For example, a joke hurt someone and made him lose energy. The same joke helped others to unblock their channels of outer love and absorb so much love, that the total level of energy increased dramatically.


Let’s highlight the basic characteristics of ‘the good’ and ‘the bad’. When something is good, we experience the inflow of love from the outer field, this is the ascending pattern of energy exchange. The dominant pattern of receiving energy is through the synch with the outer love field. It can be seen as happiness and joy, accompanied by the love marker -Her Majesty Smile.
When something is ‘bad’, energy is lost in the outer field, which is the descendent pattern of energy exchange. The dominant pattern of receiving love energy is from the people involved. This can be identified through anger, wrath, indignation.
“The good’ and ‘the bad’, ‘the kind’ and ‘the evil’ are not imaginary concepts, which can only be perceived as polarities. They are absolute concepts that can be understood in a non-binary way. Their meaning is defined through LOVE, the absolute fundamental concept that has no polar opposite.

Can Love be measured? If no, can we call this text scientific?
The subtle energy of love is nowadays measured quantitatively in various indirect ways. Some of them include gas-discharge imaging by professor Korotkov, aura photography cameras, etc. Moreover, I consider professor Kozyrev’s time flows measurements to be the direct way to measure the love energy flows, the universal Ch’i energy.
What is usually called ‘the bad’ or ‘the evil’ is just the descending pattern of energy exchange, according to the basic law of the subtle energy exchange. So, at a deeper level ‘evil’ is also love, but received from people at the level of indignation, hatred, anger, etc.

                Is everything so simple?

‘Now I know that one of the characteristics of the evil is trying to confuse everything’,  M.Scott Peck.

The basic law helps to see vividly even the smallest evil in everyday interaction.

Is it good or bad?

Let’s consider an interesting fragment from a parable by Dmitry Vostrukhov, a psychologist.

‘ –Tell me, what happens when the dark becomes visible?’, asked the wise man. ‘When evil is noticeable?’

‘When we recognize it, focus on it?’, the governor tried to guess the answer to this puzzle.

‘You are right’, the wise man said, ‘But what is even more important, the dark becomes visible only when there is more light in the world. When you look at the dark, there is more light in the world. The light can only be seen against the background of the dark. The more dark you see, the more light there will be in the world. The dark and evil are most powerful when they are not seen and recognized. When they are identified, they lose their power.’

The light doesn’t fight with the dark. But when the light comes, the dark leaves. At the same time, the dark is only seen against the background of the light. When everything is hidden in the grey mist, it looks like the black darkness doesn’t exist. But then comes the light! It illuminates part of the environment and the territory of the pitch-black darkness is clearly visible.’

The pitch-black dark is manifested, when the really bright light appears.

If we start to judge, the light will become dim. If we start to fight, the light will turn into darkness. The darkness has no energy of its own. The darkness grows only by absorbing the energy of light.

The basic law helps to see vividly even the smallest evil in everyday interaction.

Paradox: evil exists only through the use of good and its energy.

Evil will always try to incite hatred, indignation, anger, and, as a result, fight, and war. This is how evil feeds on the energy of good. Peace is inappropriate for evil, it doesn’t give him energy. Peace kills evil.

Love is the universal key to harmonizing any situation. 
The evil will be gone as soon as you love it.

Bottom line: for the first time, it was possible to formulate a scientific criterion of what is “good” and what is “evil” thanks to the “Basic Law of Subtle Energy Exchange” by A. Einstein.


Table of contents “Basic law of subtle energy exchange”

Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).

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