We experience bliss, happiness when we are being filled with subtle energy. Our daily life is mainly due to the desire of taking the maximum energy of love. It manifests itself literally in everything. For example, two buddies are talking to each other. At first glance, it seems that they are simply exchanging interesting information. However, if you pay attention to the movement of subtle energy, then the simple conversation acquires a new dimension. The hidden energy meaning of this conversation literally appears in every word.

Relationship, communication

When communicating, we exchange subtle energy.   The Basic Law of subtle energy exchange will help to understand this process.

Communicating, talking about their successes and achievements, people often seek to earn respect for themselves. They want to prove to their interlocutor (and to themselves) that they are worthy of love. If they can do it, then such conversation and interlocutor are considered very pleasant. The conversation gives us very deep pleasure if the interlocutor laughs at our jokes.

Basically, our energy depends on our own state during a conversation. If we experience a feeling of love, then regardless of the state of our interlocutor, we always receive subtle energy.

If we are disappointed, offended, upset, we always lose subtle energy. This energy can go to the interlocutor if he does not have strong negative emotions at this moment. Energy exchange occurs simultaneously between the interlocutors and the external field. If there are many positive emotions in the conversation, then all participants receive energy from the external field and from each other.

If the interlocutors have a lot of negative emotions, then subtle energy leaves them. If a conversation causes positive emotions in one person and negative emotions in another, then part of the vital energy moves from “negative” to “positive”. The conversation is not stationary. Anyone who loses can receive energy in the next instant.

If during a conversation, the energy of one person moves to another person, then the one who loses energy will seek to end the conversation as soon as possible. And, on the contrary, the one who gets energy, as a rule, wants to continue the conversation. If there are many moments of love and happiness in the conversation then the desire to communicate will be stronger. Because in this case there is a strong inflow of subtle energy from the external field.

Let’s have a look at the mechanics of energy exchange between people. We are communicating and exchanging subtle energy. It is important for us to cause another person to have a feeling of love, delight, respect towards us. Because then we are being filled with vital force. Do we always receive subtle energy when another person thinks of us with love or admiration? Unfortunately not. For example, famous artists may feel lonely and unhappy, although they are the subject of adoration of millions of people. This happens because there is no connection, no synchronization between the fans and the celebrity. Only one person with whom such connection is established immediately becomes more important for us than all other people. A good way to visualize such a connection is the channels connecting the cocoons of subtle energy around people.

The formation of energy channels when communicating

There are no channels between strangers. The formation of energy exchange channels begins with a conversation, an exchange of emotions and information. Channels become strong when we find common interests and values, solve common problems. The strongest channels are usually formed between members of the same family or like-minded people.

When powerful energy channels have already established, we exchange subtle energy even without words and views. There are invisible connections between us. We always feel a connection with our close friends. We are always in contact with them.

Energy exchange, energy channels. The basic law of the subtle exchange of energy Энергообмен в паре, энергетические каналы

If such channels are absent, then the exchange of subtle energy becomes insignificant. 

We are worried about our pets. The sufferings of another cat touch us very little.

Now we are ready to understand the behavior of people in different situations.


Table of contents “Basic law of subtle energy exchange”

Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).

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