The common name “energy vampire” incorrectly reflects the essence of the process and hampers an impartial assessment of what is happening. Let’s call this person “energy trainer”, and the phenomenon itself “energy test”.

We have all met energy trainers.  They have often been strangers to us. This means the energy exchange channels have not been built prior to the interaction. Your thought about a person builds an invisible channel through which subtle energy flows from you to this person.

But the energy impulse will not reach this person without his permission. To open the channel requires mutual attention, everyone must open their wicket. If a person is not familiar with you, you will necessary to build channels through communication. You need a long or emotional interaction to build powerful channels to pass large streams of subtle energy. You can quickly build a powerful channel with a stranger. This is possible with help of intensive emotional exchange during communication. It often happens during energy tests.

Example. An energy trainer is coming up to you on the street and begins to communicate. He is asking you the simple question: “Where is the bus stop?” You are stopping, although you are in a hurry about your business. You are trying to better explain the route.

The energy trainer cannot understand you. He is asking you again and again. The energy trainer is very unpleasant and even rude. You are wasting time and feel very angry. Some minutes later you are exploding: “How stupid are you?! Everything is absolutely clear!” Let’s look at the trainer. He is blooming at this moment from your rude words.

The trainer is receiving subtle energy from you. He is gaining strength at this very moment. Suddenly it is becoming very hard for you, it is being difficult to even move. Your thoughts: “There are such stupid people! They do not understand anything!” Such situations of life happen very often.

How does a “negative” person can take energy from a kind and responsive person? This contradicts the basic law formulated above: SUBTLE ENERGY IS THERE WHERE LOVE IS. The subtle energy has left the “good” person with high love level and has gone to the “bad” ones, whose love potential has been much less.
How does it happen? Is the Basic law of subtle energy exchange true? Let’s look at this situation in detail. The trainer “hunts” for subtle energy. He must choose the right person and create such a situation that the energy is transferred to him.

Trainer often acts unconsciously. He is looking for a person filled with subtle energy. The trainer is looking for kind and loving people because where is love, there is subtle energy.


The trainer is choosing you (congratulations)! He is asking a simple question… In the process of conversation, channels are being built for the energy exchange. You have a lot of energy, the trainer has very little. Even simple communication leads to the flow of some energy to the trainer according to the physics law of communicating vessels.
But the channels are very small for the intensive energy exchange. Therefore, the trainer needs your emotions. He is annoying you, asking, pushing, saying unpleasant things, stepping on your foot …
You are getting angry. Your emotion is building powerful energy exchange channels. Your vital energy is immediately flowing through these channels to the trainer. You are insulting the trainer. The trainer, as a rule, can not hide his joy: “O sweet moment of bliss!” At the moment of your maximum irritation, your life energy in a large quantity has passed to the trainer. At this moment you are not at all in love, and according to the Basic Law of energy exchange, subtle energy should leave you. Everything is ready for that. Powerful energy channels have combined you with the trainer into a single energy system. The trainer has an energy void to accommodate your life energy. The happy trainer, the embodiment of bliss at this moment, is simply directing the flow of subtle love energy towards himself.


Now everything becomes simple and clear. The one who swears will lose his vitality. The one who smiles will be filled with subtle energy. He just will shine with happiness! Morality is not valid here at all!

Here we see a paradox. In a particular situation, the subtle energy of love left from the kind person who is worthy of love. This energy passed to the person who is unworthy of love in our opinion.

This is commonly referred to as “vampirism”. But look at the important difference. The vampire sucks blood from the victim, which can do nothing. Here the victim herself gives energy to the trainer.

energy vampirism

Without our indignation, the energy of love will never leave us!

Therefore, the “energy test” is a more appropriate name for this process. The ability to retain their own subtle energy under any circumstances is the main skill in life.

What has happened? The trainer has only hurt you a little, and you have immediately given him the most important thing – your life force. You should always be grateful to the trainer for the perfect test. Why do you have to thank for it? The spiritual progress of a person usually occurs with significant losses and misfortunes. The trainer has given us the opportunity for significant spiritual growth without any loss. We and all our loved ones have remained healthy and retained all our property. Even the small coins in your wallet have been exactly the same as they had been before the “energy test”.

How can you not thank the trainer?

Why do people not like energy trainers and avoid contact with them in every way? Because such contact for most people leads to the loss of their vital energy. We are doomed to suffer defeat in energy tests until we change our perception of what is happening. What is the advantage of the trainer? He subconsciously focuses not on words or on external events, but on the flow of subtle energy. The trainer, in fact, does not need information about the bus stop at all. He does not need any specific information, he focuses on subtle energy. The trainer is one level higher us. At the same time, we are trying to explain the way to the bus stop…

The basic law of subtle energy exchange is the law of PARADOXES

Paradox 1: The subtle energy of love in a particular situation can leave a kind, worthy person and flow to a person who does not deserve it according to our morality!

The energy trainer is subconsciously looking for a person filled with subtle energy. These are loving people because SUBTLE ENERGY IS THERE WHERE LOVE IS. We have always believed that good life and good relations with others should accompany loving people. 
Paradox 2: A person filled with the divine energy of love will cause inadequate and unkind actions towards yourself. It is not fair at all!

We have always believed that if you emotionally explain to a person how much he is wrong, he will understand and correct it. In reality, it is quite the opposite!
Paradox 3: Exactly what causes strong indignation in us receives from us a powerful energy recharge. And we will often encounter this in our lives.

Let us summarize everything that has been said about
the Basic Law of Subtle Energy Exchange:

  1. All people are owners of some amount of subtle energy of love. They continuously exchange this energy with each other and with the world around them. It is possible to lose or gain this energy very quickly. This depends, first of all, on a person’s emotions at this moment of time.
  2. Energy exchange is completely determined by the present moment. There are no merits or notions of “good” or “bad.” Subtle energy exchange does not depend on our assessments and our ideology. Therefore, the direction of the flow of energy of love often causes rejection in us. If a “good” person is now in a state of resentment, then subtle energy will leave him, despite his rightness by all our human standards. And vice versa, if a “bad” person experiences here and now the emotions of acceptance and love, then subtle energy instantly comes to him. There is only the absolute power of the love emotion at every moment! Everything is very simple: subtle energy follows a human smile!
  3. Subtle energy is extremely volatile! It cannot be buried like a treasure, put in a safe, or hide in your wallet.
  4. Subtle energy cannot be hidden from prying eyes. People instantly feel it on a subconscious level. In fact, this is the main thing that people always pay attention to. Inner beauty radiance is an expression of the accumulated subtle energy of love in a man. Such a person attracts our attention like a magnet. Kryon said that the spirit is beautiful, not ego.


Table of contents “Basic law of subtle energy exchange”

Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).


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