How to apply the multidimensional interpretation of hexagrams

How to work with the multidimensional prediction?
Let consider three possible cases:
1. Work with a negative event.
2. Work with a positive prediction.
3. Neutral prediction.
The multidimensional interpretation of hexagrams will help guide the development of events in any particular life situation according to the most favorable scenario.

1. Multidimensional work with a negative event.

A negative prediction has a negative programming effect, which can significantly increase the likelihood of an adverse event occurring. Belief in the inevitability of negative prediction is a very powerful negative programming factor. 
In life, there are almost no 100% unambiguous situations. The inevitability of any event is always a very big question. Any specific situation along with the dominant scenario almost always includes its opposite. This is the principle of “unity and struggle of opposites” known in science.
The selected hexagram corresponds to the most likely scenario. However, this probability may be as low as 51%. At the same time, 49% is the probability of the onset of the opposite event. It is clear that such a negative situation is very easy to turn into a positive one just by focusing on the reverse favorable vibration. This is a general principle! 

Consider an example of working with a negative event. Let the probability that the car will get into an accident before the prophecy is 80%.
The usual prediction is: “There will be an accident”. On the one hand, the driver is warned about failure, so, he will go more cautious. This reduces the probability of an accident by 20%. On the other hand, the thought of an accident affects the course of events and increases the likelihood of a catastrophe. How much? It depends on the degree of the driver’s belief in the strength of the prediction. Let the belief in the accident increased probability by 30%. Hence, the probability of a catastrophe will increase by 30% – 20% = 10% and will equal 80% + 10% = 90%. Thus,  one-dimensional prediction can increase the likelihood of a negative event.
A more multidimensional prediction can be this: “The car will get into an accident if the driver does not show very great care when traveling”. Multidimensional prediction reduces the danger and even speaks about the possibility of completely avoiding it. The driver is warned about the accident – this reduces the probability of an accident by 20%. The belief in the possibility of a successful outcome further reduces the probability of the accident by 30%. Nevertheless, the word “accident” was pronounced here, this increases the negative probability. Let the probability of an accident increase by 20%. The probability of an accident after such a prediction will decrease by 20% + 30% – 20% = 30% and will be 80% – 30% = 50%.
The optimal multidimensional prediction for a negative situation must be compiled on the basis of the opposite vibration. “The trip will be successful if the driver is very careful.” In this prediction, the negative factor is not uttered at all. Such a prediction allows maximum manifestation of the most favorable of possible scenarios. The driver is warned – this reduces the probability of an accident by 20%. The belief in the possibility of a successful outcome reduces the likelihood of an accident by 30%. Thus, in the case of an optimal multidimensional prediction, the probability of an almost inevitable accident (80%) decreased by 20% + 30% = 50% and became only 80% – 50% = 30%.

In many cases, the multidimensional prediction will help to turn the negative situation into a positive one.

Proper multidimensional work allows not only to eliminate the negative programming effect of a negative prediction but also to get the opposite result. The likelihood of a favorable event increases significantly. This in many cases will allow turning a negative event into a positive one!

Multidimensional work with a negative event is a positive formulation of the prediction and focusing on the opposite favorable scenario of the situation.
Therefore, the reverse vibration for negative events is extremely important in a multi-dimensional approach.

2. Multidimensional work with a positive event.

Here the situation is even more tragic and tense compared with a negative event! Linear positive prediction creates a very strong expectation of favorable developments.

The expectation is an energy pit, a subtle trap for our desires, according to the “Basic Law of Subtle Energy Exchange”.

Let consider an example of multidimensional work with a positive event. This is hexagram 26 “Fulfillment of desires”. Linear prediction is: “The desire will be fulfilled”. This creates an expectation of an event. Waiting is a subtle trap for our desires. 
If one very much wants to fulfill his desire, then a linear prediction will create a very powerful negative potential. A strong expectation, most likely, will make it impossible to fulfill the desire, even in spite of the high probability of its realization before the prediction. In order to minimize the destructive effect of the expectation of a positive event, for each hexagram, in addition to the dominant factor, the opposite vibration is also considered. Therefore, the picture “Failure of expectation” is also presented in the description of hexagram 26.

Focusing on the opposite vibration reduces the intensity of expectations and significantly increases the likelihood of a positive event.

You should destroy the state of strong expectation by accepting the opposite vibration when the desire is not fulfilled. Otherwise, you are very strongly blocking your own desire. Otherwise, you are very strongly blocking your own desire.

Multidimensional work with a positive event is to track emotional state and destroy excessive expectations of a favorable outcome by recognizing the possibility of reverse vibration.

Reverse vibration for positive events is also extremely important!

 3. Multidimensional work with a neutral event.

 An example of multidimensional work with a neutral event. As we get to know this world, we form our system of views and assessments. What do you think about how correct is the matrix of our stereotypes? Will we be further from the truth if we change all our entrenched views and judgments to the very opposite? The truth will not be further from this. This conclusion can be drawn from the analysis of the “Basic law of subtle energy exchange”, which explicitly states that at least half of our natural reactions should be replaced by the reverse ones, as they incorrectly reflect the essence of what is happening. One-dimensional prediction is focusing on the dominant possibility. Multidimensional prediction is, first of all, a look at what is happening in a broad perspective. This is allowing you to choose the most favorable opportunity for the development of events. This possibility only in rare cases coincides with the dominant vibration of the situation.

For a neutral event, the programming effect decreases: the prediction becomes more lively, mobile, soft. This allows you to find the best solution in each case.

The names of hexagrams of the Book of Changes “I Ching” should be interpreted as widely as possible, since the 64 hexagrams cover all possible life situations.

The result. Multidimensional prediction allows:
1) go with minimal losses through dangerous or negative situations;;
2) increase the likelihood of positive events;
3) choose the best scenario for the development of events in a neutral situation.

Paradox. For an optimal choice of a life scenario, it is very important to work with the opposite vibration for each hexagram.

In all cases, the programming factor is reduced: 
the prediction becomes softer.

“Destiny is a very convenient word for those who never make decisions…”
(Jodie Foster).


Author: Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus)

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